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The objective of the iQ-Conference is to use the potential of mobile devices during a conference, training and all kind of events. That's why we offer new forms of interaction for conference participants. What do we offer to your customers?

Flexible and responsive user interface

iQ-Conference is adapting the interface of mobile devices: tablet, notebook and smartfon.

Multimedia interaction

Coming to the conference venue participants log on to iQ-Conference using their mobile devices. They gain access to digital agenda and other iQ-Conference functions i.g.: notes creation, saving slides and asking questions.

New working environment for the speakers

IQ-Conference smoothly connects to the speaker's computer and allows "Live preview" of the screen content on participants' mobile devices. The system supports speaker during presentaion i.e.: shows the time remaining and participants' questions, enables switching between different sources of presentation.

Bet on mobile conference management center

iQ-Conference is a system designed for organizers of events for whom time and effective management count above all.

Have you ever thought that your smartfon or tablet can become a command centre of the conference? - with iQ-Conference it is possible.

Thanks to the system all necessary information is gathered in one place which gives you unlimited access to them anytime.

Exploit the potential of the cloud

Based on Micorosoft Azure cloud solution we start dedicated virtual platform for your conference. What kind of advantage can you gain by using the iQ-Conference system 'in the cloud'?

  • Efficient operation of the system anywhere
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Minimum costs which will be charged only at using the service

More information iQ-Conference flyer.

What do we offer to your customers?

The objective of the iQ-Conference is to use the potential of mobile devices during a conference, training and all kind of events. You have already known it but how about your customers? Therefore we suggest you to take smartphone and start an interactive participation in the conference.

Keep up to date with the program

iQ-Conference system provides the digital agenda. The electronic form of agenda informs participants about the progress and status of the event presentations.

Touch presentation

During conference presentations every slide is important. Now, regardless of the distance from the screen, all participants are able to view every detail of charts, images and data, on their mobile devices.

Keep the most interesting information for the future

The most important elements of the presentation are easier to save. iQ-Conference provides function of saving interesting slides in the form of electronic notes.

Learn more

The system allows participants to ask speaker questions using mobile devices. This function is especially important during large events.

Receive a post-conference package

All notes and slides saved by participants during the conference and materials provided by the organizer are available after the event in the form of a package ready for download.

Share your opinion

Participants are able to express their opinions about the organization and substantive part of the conference. Provided feedback gives the opportunity to improve future events.

How does this look like in practice?

iQ-Conference introduces completely new quality to your events - the multimedia interaction. We are thinking about your customers. Especially for them we have prepared short movie presenting iQ-Conference key features.

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    You will receive login instructions in the email message

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    Click on the dedicated link to login or enter username and password

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    Use the system

    Save slides, ask questions, download conference files

Our portfolio

iQ-Conference system has already supported many conferences.

Registered participants count
Number of events handled

18–19.02.2015 r., Warsaw - Smart City Forum

24.03.2015 r., Warsaw - New dimension of mobility. Microsoft solutions for businesses and organizations

25-26.03.2015 r., Warsaw - XV Telecommunications and Media World Symposium

26.03.2015 r., Warsaw - Broadband Networks Conference

26.03.2015 r., Warsaw - Broadband Networks and Infrastructure Investments

1-2.04.2015 r., Warsaw - International Banking Summit

1-2.04.2015 r., Warsaw - Insurance Forum Conference

1-2.04.2015 r., Warsaw - III Modern Debt Conference

8-9.04.2015 r., Warsaw - XXI Energy Conference EuroPOWER

15-16.04.2015 r., Warsaw - II edition BIG DATA: Think BIG CEE Congress

7-8.10.2015 r., Warsaw - Human Capital Economy CEE Congress

17-18.10.2015 r., Bialystok - E-business forum „East-Biz”

21-22.10.2015 r., Warsaw - Warsaw International Banking Summit

28-29.10.2015 r., Warsaw - III edition BIG DATA: Think Big CEE Congress

18-19.11.2015 r., Warsaw - VIII Warsaw International Media Summit

25-26.11.2015 r., Warsaw - XXII Energy Conference EuroPOWER

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To help you get started with iQ-conference, we have created the list of most often asked questions.

How to buy iQ-Conference?

Choose one of iQ-Conference versions, create an account on the iQ-Marketplace. Make electronic payment and wait few minutes for the activation. After the process completes, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to the system. Finally, configure the conference and start using the system.

How long one have to wait from the payment to start using iQ-Conference?

Access to the system will be available after a few minutes from receiving payments. Completely dedicated platform is created and started for your conference.

What are the methods of payment available on the iQ-Conference Marketplace?

Payment can be made via electronic payment system Przelewy 24. More information about available methods of payment can be found on the website

What are iQ-Conference system technical requirements?

Speaker's Computer must have Microsoft Windows operating system and Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.1 installed. It must be connected to the Internet. Organizers and participants need mobile devices (tablet, notebook or smartphone) with any operating system and access to the internet.

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